Researching Alan Ayckbourn

For researchers looking to explore Alan Ayckbourn's work and life, there now exists a substantial body of material that is readily accessible covering practically every facet of the playwright's career in theatre.

In June 2011, the University Of York acquired the Ayckbourn Archive for the nation and this is the single largest Ayckbourn resource accessible by the public. It comprises the playwright's personal archive from 1955 to 2006 (and it will be updated with post 2006 material in the future) with voluminous correspondence regarding his plays over the years.

This is not the only Ayckbourn resource available though and in these pages, you can find information about the major collections and resources for research into Alan Ayckbourn. Click below to visit the relevant page.

All research in this section is by Simon Murgatroyd and should be credited if used.